Three Little Violins

The Restaurant Three Little Violins is located in one of the most beautiful streets in Prague, which is named after the poet Jan Neruda.

The history of the house is known since the 16th century, when it belonged to the court painter of Emperor Rudolf II. Lutheran and violin workshops were created here later. Since 1692 the house has been owned by the Edlinger violin family. The founder of this family is Tomáš Edlinger, who came from the Italian Cremona. He was the student of the famous violinist Nicola Amati. The sign of a craft - three violins - placed Edlinger on the front of the house around 1700 to commemorate the three generations of violin artists, whose hands emerged masterpieces throughout the world. Ludwig van Beethoven played one of Edlinger's instruments.

The special house sign is accompanied by a mysterious reputation: if you stand at the Three Fiddles in the silent, full moon night, you will hear how Paganini master himself plays one of the instruments of this violin workshop.

However, if you do not want to wait for the full moon, order specialties in our wine restaurant - it will also be a concert, not just for three violins!





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